Hi to all members.
I am new here and found my way by accident/coincidence to Evil's Funhouse.
I am really impressed and like all the things you share here.I am generly interested in movies and some music.
A little bit about myself:
I like Horror,Exploitation,Sleaze,Trash,Eastern & Spagghetti Western-especialy from the late 60s,the 70s and 80s .sure i also do watch some "normal" movies like a comedy or a drama.
I am 36 Years old and i am from West Europe.I also lived in the US for a while cause my wife is a US citizen.
beside movies i also like to work with graphic programms & play around with them a bit(my Avatar/Profile Pic & Signatur Banner is a result of it).
I am also active on other boards & would like to share my up's from there here too & i hope the people like/enjoy them
Okay,i think thats it for the first about me,let me directly go on and share somehing here
best regards,Gore-Met