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Thread: The Inside Man (1984)

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    Default The Inside Man (1984) review

    Other titles for this movie:
    "Tappava tehtava"
    "La Talpa"

    After watching this movie I didn't have any big emotions just kinda OK that was it. I did expect much more and I do like Dennis Hopper. In this movie Dennis Hopper didn't do very good acting. Those Swedes on other hand did excellent work! Furthermore, now almost 25 years later, I loved to see Stockholm of that time in car chase scenes. Wished more of spy action and never really did see submarine. What comes to this story line, it's all right but would have benefit from some smoothing and special effects. After blast firemen scenes looked like documentary and dialoque in it was pushed. Similar pushed feeling scenes were seldom in this movie. Still I did like it. It's not a Hollywood film but I wouldn't classified it B movie either! It's certainly Euro film and Dennis Hopper was an odd ball in it. I do recommend to watch it and certainly if viewer is from Baltic states or Scandinavia. We all ( 30yr. or older)remember those fragile 80's.

    Dennis Hopper
    Hardy Kruger
    David Wilson
    Cory Molder
    Gosta Ekman
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    Default The Inside Man (1984)

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