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    The Wolfman (2009)
    Universal Pictures
    $100 Million Doallar Project

    Directed by : Joe Johnston
    Writing credits: Andrew Kevin Walker (screenplay-2009)
    Original Story and Screenplay by: Kurt Siodmack (1941)
    Cast (in alphabetical order)
    Benicio Del Toro ... Lawrence Talbot
    Anthony Hopkins ... Sir John Talbot (Father)
    Emily Blunt… Gwen Conliffe
    Hugo Weaving… Det. Aberline
    Produced by:
    Bill Carraro .... producer
    Andrew Z. Davis .... producer
    Benicio Del Toro .... producer
    Mary Parent .... producer
    Executive producers:
    Arne Schmidt
    Ron Chaney (Grandson of Lon Chaney Jr.)
    Scott Stuber
    Rick Yorn

    Story Overview:

    A remake of the classic "The Wolf Man" Lon Chaney Jr. (1941), now starring Benicio Del Toro (The Usual Suspects, Sin City). This new screenplay written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en, Sleepy Hollow). Will bring some additional highlights to the storyline originally written by Kurt Siodmack. Much of the original story and a good portion of the original screenplay will be used, however there will be a few new characters added to the storyline and refurbishing some of the original plot. Universal stated that they wanted to keep as much of the original story as possible to make this a true re-make and not a cheap adaptation as most remakes tend to do. A lot of the original sets still exist and they will certainly be using them in the movie. As far as Benicio’s performance is concerned he will adopt this character as his own, Universal is not looking to parody Chaney’s original performance but to enhance on it with today’s acting techniques. There also will be an enhancement in visual and special effects using today’s technology. Like most werewolf movies today the digital has taken over and replaced the actors with a digital character, this will not be the case in this remake as Benicio will be in full make-up and prosthetics created by special make-up artist Rick Baker. Much of the werewolf will be similar to the Chaney Wolf originally created by Jack P.Peirce, but with some enhancements that will allow the werewolf to be frightening compared to the 1941 version. Some limited digital effects will be involved in the transformation scenes but at no time will the digital replace the actor. To further pay tribute to the original movie Ron Chaney an Executive producer (grandson of Lon Chaney Jr.) will make a cameo appearance and also Claude Rains Daughter will also appear in the movie. Claude Rains played the father in the original; Anthony Hopkins will be in this role for the remake. There will also be some photographs that will brush the screen of the late Lon Chaney Jr. as well.
    The new screenplay is going to be very R-rated and dark with some of the new enhancements. The year is 1888 and Lawrence Talbot (Del Toro) is a travelling actor who is currently performing Hamlet in London. (Chaney’s character was not an actor in the original screenplay) When his brother Benjamin disappears from Black moor Vale, (in the original the brother’s name was John who died, this change will lead to a more interesting plot twist along with original story.) Lawrence then returns to his family home and finds he must face his old demons as he investigates the mysterious full-moon murders. Apparently there's a scene where the Wolf Man breaks out of an insane asylum and goes on a rampage through London. Also, there's a crocodile/werewolf fight scene. Super sweet. As mentioned there will be some differences in the new storyline and the gypsy woman Malieva well you will just have to wait and see for yourself.
    U.S. Release Date: February 13, 2009 (Wide)

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    Sweet can't wait to see it.

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