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Thread: Howdy once again ...

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    Cool Howdy once again ...

    Howdy fellow PEEps,

    Just stick'n in a little howdy upon my fateful return back to EFH.

    I've been busy dew'n my thing and I'm not currently in a position to contribute much but as soon as I get back to "normal" I'll be contributing like I so love to contribute.

    Who all iz still hang'n around from my old daze?


    Ps: I have another username on here (HandsomeToad) but I cannot access it because I don't have the email account associated with it anymore.

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    welcome back Toad, i still come on here when i can, but sadly people don't talk on here like they used to. maddox just to name one doesn't come on here anymore, among others that i considered friends as well. so it's nice to see you again.

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